The Limits of the New World

Technology has certainly pushed the limits of human innovation over the centuries, and in so doing, created a prosperous age of development for a steadily rising future. Things that required a ridiculous amount of effort back then, only needs a push of a few buttons to get done now. It’s amazing, and extremely beneficial for all of us in the long run. There is, however, the blatantly obvious flaw in the steady advancement of our world, and that is the Digital Divide.

The Digital Divide, as from what I’ve read on the notes about this particular subject, seems to pertain to a society’s gap of access to technologies, where some members have more freedom in using certain technological devices due to a number of factors like financial access, physical access, and the like. Basically, this is referring to the huge disparity in knowledge and accessibility of ICTs between the upper and lower classes.

I agree with what I read on the notes, that this is a naturally-occurring phenomenon that would resolve itself eventually, but it’s not because of any divine providence, no. I believe that this is what society sees as natural because as humans continue to advance their lifestyles, we need to consume more and more. In doing so, we’re leaving those who haven’t gotten, say, the right things needed to acquire them, and therefore creating the gap that we think is a natural process in our world.

This issue sort of instills the idea that our world is still very limited despite the achievements of humanity as a whole. There’s little we can do to bridge this gap because of how big it actually is, but perhaps focusing on its size is what’s causing the problem to remain unresolved.

There’s a lot of things I can say about this topic, but none of any real educational value, so I’ll leave it with a lasting thought. The inequalities of ICT usage can slowly be fixed if effort is put into helping people learn and gain, so why not focus a bit more of our efforts on that, yeah?


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