Society and Its Smartitude

Knowledge is wonderful, isn’t it? It’s been one of the key things that fostered humanity’s advancement, and kept us from near self-destruction for thousands of years. Without it, we wouldn’t function nearly as efficiently as we do now, and none of the things we use so commonly today would have existed. “Knowledge is power”, as that one popular saying goes.

As a society, we acquire knowledge through various means, and use that knowledge based on our current needs. Different places require different things, and therefore need to meet other standards of information in order to find resolution. There is no escaping the fact that every socially-constructed environment gets and utilizes all sorts of knowledge to advance themselves economically and socially. A term for this would be Knowledge Societies.

Studying about this, I’ve learned that the term, along with Information Society that pertains to accessibility and availability of information within a society, has been heatedly debated due to a potential degradation of past societies. The argument goes to say that the term discounts the use of knowledge and information in the past and emphasizes importance on the ones we currently use and have need of.

That argument provides a valid enough point; if there wasn’t a need to coin this term before, why bring it up now? And shouldn’t it encompass all societies that use knowledge to expand their economic and social values which – let’s be honest here – almost is every existing society in the past as well as in the present? It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to apply this, though there are also many other ways to look at knowledge societies; in better light, too.

Well, so long as we continue to advance and give respect to where we once were, I wouldn’t really mind the results of this debated topic, whatever it may be. Suppose I’m the the type of person that goes with the flow, and that either way, this would prove to be beneficial for everyone should they settle it in a peaceful, coordinated manner.


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