A Brief Experience: Discussion Papers

Ah, papers. Whether you’re a student working through your third cup of coffee, or a professor scanning note after note to ensure a timely and accurate report, you can never be able to truly escape papers. And by that, I specifically mean research papers. There are many kinds, of course, and methods may differ depending on what type it is, but either way, most of it is still the same.

Right now, I’m with a group in the middle of creating a discussion paper. It’s honestly nearly the same as a typical research paper, but there are some things it does not have that the latter has. That makes things sort of easier for us, but we still aren’t set to properly finish it.

Like any other group, we came across some frustrations – still do – as we perform our tasks for the benefit of all. We try and solve any disputes through communication so it doesn’t fester and eventually damage our group as a whole.

Overall, my experience with writing discussion papers remains the same as with writing research papers: stressful, but informative and helpful.


Blurring the Distance: Technology and Communication

Communication: the most basic, integral need any living species require in order to survive and flourish in a world of struggle and strife. Whether through one’s words or actions, it is the medium used to convey a creature’s thoughts toward the main goal of reaching understanding and – to a more idealistic viewpoint – harmony with its fellows and others.

Technology: a tool discovered by humans that has improved nearly every aspect of life; from mundane labor to new feats previously impossible with man’s bodily limitations. Advancement of technology hasn’t ceased since the day it was initialized, and it has become second nature for many  to rely upon it over the centuries.

Both have been needed ever since its creation, and it has inevitably crossed paths when the first few pioneers invented devices like the printer, the telephone, and most importantly, the computer.

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